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Talanoa in Tokelau

This is probably the most isolated focus group I have ever done. A four hour flight from NZ to Samoa, then a 24-hour boat trip to the tiny Tokelauan atolls to undertake interviews for a Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT) evaluation. Absolutely a highlight of my evaluation career, and so valuable to experience the isolation first-hand… Read more »

Making Pacific Migration Work Conference

New Zealand introduced the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) policy in 2007. The RSE scheme has proven popular, with some 8,000 Pacific Islanders working in New Zealand under the scheme in 2009. Findings from the evaluation of the implementation of the RSE policy were presented at the Making Pacific Migration Work conference hosted by the Development Policy Centre,… Read more »

How to tell stories with statistics

Every now and then you come across people who are natural story tellers. Here’s a person (Hans Rosling) who can tell amazing ‘statistics’ stories with graphics:

Favourite evaluation texts

During a recent AEA discussion people wrote in with their top ‘must read’ books for evaluators. Here is the list, for your information. My personal favourite is Jane Davidson’s ‘Evaluation methodology basics’ – it’s the only evaluation text I’ve read cover to cover. Needless to say it’s well thumbed. Let me know if you have… Read more »