We work with you to design evaluations that answer key questions about value and quality. We conduct evaluations that are ethical, accurate and transparent. We deliver information that is succinct and accessible. 

Recent projects

Evaluation of the value of New Zealand Transport Agency research programme reports to end users
http://www.nzta.govt.nz Methods included an online survey and qualitative interviews. Three evaluative rubrics were developed with input from the NZTA to establish performance standards, ie what ‘end use’, ‘relevance’ and ‘successful uptake’ would look like if it was meeting NZTA stakeholders’ expectations.

Review of the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) worker pilot training programme, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
http://www.aid.govt.nz/about-aid-programme/measuring-results/evaluation/2011-review-and-evaluation-reports/review-recognise This evaluation assessed the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of a pilot training programme aimed at Pacific seasonal workers. The review was based on a document review, qualitative interviews with Pacific RSE workers, employers, the training provider and tutors and selected government officials. Evaluative rubrics were developed for aspects of the programme so there was clear understanding of what would constitute ‘all round excellent performance’ through to ‘unacceptable performance’.

Evaluation of the Recognised Seasonal Employer policy, for the Department of Labour
http://dol.govt.nz/publications/research/rse-evaluation-final-report/index.asp This two year evaluation included mixed methods with fieldwork in the Pacific and five regions within New Zealand. The project included a close collaboration with the Department of Labour, academics and a research company with online survey expertise. The evaluation was awarded the Australasian Evaluation Society’s ‘Best Evaluation Study’ in 2010. The Evalue Research team included Mathea Roorda, Heather Nunns, Ieti Lima, Senorita Laukau, Amton Mwarksurmes, Kateata Binoka, Charlotte Bedford, Alison Gray and Talonga Pita.

Evaluation of the Spot Audit Pilot, for the Ministry of Health
A collaborative project with the Ministry of Health, the evaluation was based on quantitative and qualitative data, including a comparison of baseline and spot audit data.

Social research

We specialise in qualitative research that supports policy and programme development.

Recent projects

Research into overpayment debt, for the Ministry of Social Development
This Q methodology study explored Work and Income clients’ thinking and behaviours associated with overpayment debt. The research was conducted by Mathea Roorda, with Dr Amanda Wolf (Victoria University of Wellington) providing expert methodological advice.

Health and safety engagement: a study of 50 New Zealand workplaces, for the Department of Labour
This research provided an insight into the health and safety practices of 50 New Zealand workplaces, including the underlying drivers behind business owners’ and managers’ attitudes and behaviour towards health and safety, how the Department of Labour’s role is viewed with respect to workplace health and safety and changes in attitudes and behaviour that have occurred directly (or indirectly) as a result of the Department’s health and safety interventions and services. The report was co-authored by Mathea Roorda and Heather Nunns.